Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - Advanced (60 ECTS)

For the postgraduate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in engineering (and corresponding innovation project), four categories of learning outcomes have been defined. These four main learning outcomes can be filled in by a number of sub-learning outcomes, of which the choice depends on the innovation project. The possible sub-learning outcomes can be found below.

Learning outcomes

Entrepreneurial skills

Recognising and exploiting opportunities

Showing motivation & perseverance

Taking the initiative

Valuing ideas

Optimising planning & management

Basic financial & economic literacy insights

Holistic vision of the project in the company

Innovation achievement

Acting ethically & sustainably

Enhancing creativity

Strategic behaviour (vision for the future)

Managing resources


Systems thinking

Personal development

Showing self-awareness & self-efficacy

Assessing ambiguity, uncertainty & risk

Learning through experience

Lifelong learning

Communication and cooperation

Working with others strategically

Enthusing others

Communicating adequately

Efficient meeting and negotiating