Admission requirements - Foundations

Admission requirements - Foundations (29 ECTS)

Students are admitted to the postgraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering - Foundations after an application and a selection procedure.

The conditions for enrolling in the postgraduate programme, after selection, are:

Having obtained one of the following master’s degrees:

  • Master of Science in Bioengineering Technology (all)
  • Master of Bioscience engineering (all)
  • Master of Science in Engineering Science (all)
  • Master of Science in Engineering Technology (all)
  • Master of Science in Business Engineering (all)

Or meeting the following conditions:

  • Being enrolled in one of the above-mentioned master’s programmes
  • Being at most 32 credits away from obtaining your degree in one of the above-mentioned master's programmes.

An English language certificate is also required. The language requirements per university can be found below:

Students who have been approved and meet the admission requirements above, can enroll at one of the participating universities. During the enrolment procedure, students need to be able to present conclusive evidence to prove that they meet these terms (degree, and/or certificate or registration).

Note: the postgraduate certificate can only be obtained together with or after having earned a master’s degree.